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Unit 4 Arebyte Studios,
Burgess Business Park, London, SE5 7TJ

Studio Hyte Limited

VAT 403806325

We are an award winning design studio, working between graphic design, interaction and emergent communication. Our practice expands across branding, print, website, installation and exhibition design.

We specialise in forward thinking, multifaceted visual identities within the arts and education sector. We aim to create meaningful, accessible and thought-provoking work and work collaboratively with our clients to facilitate their ideas into rich and nuanced projects.

Our Services

Visual Identity
Website Design
Website Development

Exhibition Design

Print Publication
Digital PDF Generator
Type Design

Augmented Reality

Core Values

Rooted in the Social Model of Disability, we strive to make our work as accessible as possible to a wide range of audiences. On the web we go above and beyond WCAG, providing a range of bespoke access tools to provide variations on font size, colour contrast, cursor size, audio descriptions, short & long reads and have even devised our own approach to access calibration pages. In print we strive for legibility and engagement, ensuring content is bold, exciting and understandable.


We are a community focused studio working in a multilingual and transnational context. We foreground user engagement through bold, clear and conceptually grounded visual identities tailored to meet our audiences needs. Our approach is discursive, intersectional and collaborative - we strive to incorporate audiences into our design process from the start.

Low Carbon

Environmentally sustainable exhibition and website design is a core part of our ongoing research to address the intersectionality of the climate crisis. Through this we have developed processes and tools for considering ways to produce low-carbon visual identities, and recommend low-carbon hosting and domain services to all our clients.


We respond to the core values and intentions of our clients to create meaningful and ambitious visual identities. We take care to platform the diverse range of influences and voices of our clients and their audiences through aesthetics. We strive to communicate a clear and accessible message whilst simultaneously facilitating the many complex and nuanced ideas behind each project.


Artangel has worked with many talented and creative agencies over the years, but Studio Hyte is in a class of its own.

Several great studios pitched for the design and build of the World Weather Network's online platform. At every stage of the process, the team at Hyte were a pleasure to work with - thoughtful and diligent throughout, with an imaginative and original approach to a highly complex project involving 29 international partners.

A combination of exceptional ideas, consistent creativity and the capacity to listen constructively to client feedback is what distinguishes Hyte from other studios.

Michael Morris
Associate Director

We have worked with Studio Hyte intensively on a range of outputs for a number of years. They are always our first choice for their ability to work across our projects in highly creative and openly collaborative ways. Their particular value for us lies in the diversity of skills and sensibilities across the team, meaning they can meet our needs with anything from branding and visual assets - to web apps and AR interfaces.

Studio Hyte do deep research into the conceptual underpinnings of every project, nailing the aesthetics, and never failing to wow with their design variations. They are sensitive to varied stakeholder needs and keep accessibility at the forefront of their work.

Dr Charlotte Frost
Executive Director

I am constantly impressed by the breadth and ingenuity of Studio Hyte’s portfolio of projects. Working with Studio Hyte has been a real pleasure. I really value the up to date design knowledge and discerning eye that Studio Hyte bring to their work, which spans experimental processes through to injecting vibrance to the production of clean graphics.

Studio Hyte have been responsive to tweaks we needed to make to our outputs and scheduling, and helped us to find design solutions for aspects of the online platform that we had not initially anticipated. They are friendly, breaking design-speak down into plain English and highly experienced.

Cecilia Wee
Board Member
Live Art Development Agency

The Goethe-Institut worked with Studio Hyte for a number of years on DAOWO, a major project forging a transnational network of arts and blockchain cooperation with leading international arts and technology institutions.

Studio Hyte’s visual identity for DAOWO was integral to the communication and narrative of the project, which would not have been possible without a deep understanding of the programme’s ambitions and content by the team.

This holistic understanding and focus on both emergent technologies and social-political issues underpins much of Studio Hyte’s work and makes them ideal collaborators.

Katrin Sohns
Head of Cultural Programmes
Goethe-Institut Northwestern Europe

It was a great pleasure to work with Studio Hyte on Sunlight Doesn’t Need a Pipeline.

They handled the design development and delivery of the project identity, website, and physical assets impeccably and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

In particular, the project works to tread new ground, in that it is low-carbon in its website and physical design but also works to be as fully accessible to users as possible, thinking through disability access amongst many other barriers. Studio Hyte were able to work with me as the client to think through the design solutions of this and to help develop a project that navigated intelligently between these two spaces.

Dani Admiss
Stanley Picker Fellow
Sunlight Doesn’t Need a Pipeline

Working with new organisations and adapting to mediums and methodologies that you are not accustomed to is always challenging in my experience.

A lot of this trepidation dissipated as we began working with Studio Hyte and set about developing the online platform and its visual identity. As we started sharing ideas and having discussions their patience and experience had definitive positive impacts.

One particular element that influenced our project was their vast knowledge regarding user interface experience which was important to us as we aspire for our platform to be accessible to a wide array of online audiences.

Haseeb Ullah Zafar
Independent Curator
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Our Clients

Arts Catalyst
Arts Council England
Art Jameel
Art in the Park

Automated Architecture
Birmingham City University
British Council
Furtherfield Gallery

Hackney Council
Haringey Council
Live Art Development Agency
London Art Fair
Royal College of Art
Serpentine Galleries

Stanley Picker Gallery
The Bartlett, UCL
The House of Illustration
University of the Arts London

Our Team
Arjun Harrison-Mann

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Jordan Gamble

Production Director & Co-Founder

Ben Cain

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Alex Bell

Studio Manager

Johanna de Verdier