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alt: A laptop resting by a tree, displayed on it's screen is the furtherfield website
Sci-Fi Eco-Punk Rebrand and Website Design



#Visual Identity #Website #Animation #Type Design

Rebranded Visual Identity
User-Friendly & Sci-Fi Eco-Punk Inspired Website
Bespoke Sci-Fi Eco-Punk Typeface

alt: A laptop resting by a tree, displayed on it's screen is the furtherfield website

Enhancing Furtherfield’s existing visual identity whilst staying true to its DIWO* roots

Furtherfield is the UK’s leading organisation for arts, technology and social change. Since 1997 Furtherfield has created online and physical spaces and places for people to come together to develop and create critical experimental art and digital technologies on their own terms. Furtherfield Gallery and Commons are based in the heart of London’s Finsbury Park. This serves as a hub to connect and activate local and international communities of artists, technologists, thinkers and doers.

Our rebrand maintains a clear and succinct aesthetic whilst also remaining true to Furtherfield’s technological punk ethos. As such the branding and website design occupies a visual and conceptual space between accessibility and subversion. The shapes which construct Furtherfield’s logo become useful frames for holding and curating content on the website whilst greyed out grids are used to signify where new content will appear, a visual reference to wireframe rendering aesthetics used on Google & Apple Maps.

Home Page
Furtherfield website homepage, showing members of the community wearing masks, a second image shows the furtherfield websites programme of events
A project page on the furtherfield website entitled 'Future Fictions of Finsbury Park' and a second image showing some of images of what happened on the day
Project Pages
Mobile Site
Custom typeface

BEV (Bodies Economic Value), 2019

Interactive playbour inspired installation
alt: Woman sat on a BEV cushion watching the videos created by the artists, the longer she sits the more the price of the artwork decreases

Arts Catalyst, 2022

Accessible and optimistic website & visual identity, inspired by the intersections between art, science and community
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