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An image of a laptop sitting ontop of some art books, the laptop has the S-O-A studio website on its display
A virtual showcase for Birmingham School of Art


Birmingham School of Art
Birmingham City University

#Visual Identity #Website #Interaction

Bold & Distinct Visual Identity
Bespoke Image Making System
Showcase Website

An image of a laptop sitting ontop of some art books, the laptop has the S-O-A studio website on its display

How do you recreate the living and breathing experience of an art school on the web?

S–o–A.Studio is an immersive and ever-changing virtual showcase produced for Birmingham School of Art. The showcase presents a yearly catalogue of works from graduating students, acting as a contemporary platform for current graduates as well as an archive for previous year groups of courses ranging from Fine Art to Visual Communication to Jewellery and Related Products and many more...

The website aims to platform the exciting range of practices, research, experiments and outcomes produced by the Birmingham School of Arts’ community. Recreating the mesmerising, worm-hole-esque experience of graduate exhibitions on the web.

In connection with these themes, the visual identity aims to bridge the connection between Birmingham School of Arts rich Arts & Crafts history with the contemporary aesthetics, media and issues that its students and graduates are exploring today.

Bespoke Typography & Image Treatment
Home Page
Mobile Site
S-o-a studio splash page showing a loaded image and branding, a second image is from the about page showing an old image of Birmingham school of art
Website images showing Xi Lai's work, the first image shows the Xi Lai's name in the branding fonts, pink and stylish, merging the two fonts together. The second image shows an image of Xi Lai's work.
Website images showing Donping Chens's work, the first image shows the Donping Chens's name in the branding fonts. The second image shows an image of Donping Chens's work.

BEV (Bodies Economic Value), 2019

Interactive playbour inspired installation
alt: Woman sat on a BEV cushion watching the videos created by the artists, the longer she sits the more the price of the artwork decreases


Visual identity, trailer and exhibition design for the world’s first horror film made for machines, by machines
Visual Identity / Exhibition Design / Animation / Website
alt: A large banner on the side of Futher Field Gallery with the word Univited written on it in spikey metal type.
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