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A person sitting holding a laptop on their lap, the laptop screen shows Vijay Patels website homepage
Vijay Patel
Accessible online performance art portfolio


Vijay Patel

#Visual Identity #Website

Accessible & Bold Website
Vivid Visual Identity

A person sitting holding a laptop on their lap, the laptop screen shows Vijay Patels website homepage

Prioritising accessibility through calibration, allowing the user to tailor the website to their own needs.

Vijay Patel is a performance artist, writer and neurodivergent access consultant. He crosses forms from live art, performance art and queer club/cabaret. The work they make predominantly surrounds cultural identity, making autobiographical/political work to shift perceptions and uplift marginalised, intersectional identities.

We worked closely with Vijay to ensure that the visual identity and website we produced accurately portrayed their bold, vivid and accessible approach to performance. It was essential for the content of the website to be as accessible as possible. This presents a challenge because different peoples' access requirements can clash. A design decision that makes content accessible for one person can make things worse for someone else. With this in mind, we designed a custom calibration page, allowing users to choose between type sizes and colour combinations.

Throughout the website and visual identity we embraced accessibility as an opportunity for visual exploration and experimentation with colour and form. When referring to mental and physical health conditions we often use the Social Model of disability; this means that rather than the individual medical condition that is disabling, it is social structures that are disabling through not providing Access adjustments (e.g. wheelchair ramps or understanding neurological differences), discrimination, prejudice and exclusion.

Calibration Page
Home Page
Mobile Site
Images of Vijay Patel's website, the image shows the calibration page, which allows users to make accessibility changes to the website before they enter the site, the image also shows Vijay's website homepage, showing multiple images of his performances, with a hover state revealing more information.
Image shows some of Vijay's reviews and a page for the 'Sometimes I Leave' performance
The image shows Vijay's about page, with images and text describing/showing Vijay as a performer

Human Resources, 2022

An environmentally responsible exhibition provoking the question of what happens when we start to move to inner (human) resources
alt: A large sign hanging from a ceiling, the sign, made in response to the provocation of the project, uses clip art styling and layering of the Human Resources title

What We Can Do, 2019

Speculative Augmented Reality Billboards
alt: A person holding a phone in front of a billboard on furtherfield gallery, through the phone you can see AR being using to view virtual artworks.
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