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alt: A person holding a laptop up to the sky which has the world weather network website on display
World Weather Network
A worldwide network of artists, writers and communities reporting on their weather and our climate

World Weather Network
(Comprised of 28 international arts organisations, full list below)

#Visual Identity #Website #Interaction

Multilingual Visual Identity,
Diverse Weather Icons,
Social Media Campaign,
Immersive Web Experience

alt: A person holding a laptop up to the sky which has the world weather network website on display

Formed in response to the climate emergency, the World Weather Network is a constellation of weather stations set up by 28 arts agencies around the world and an invitation to look, listen, learn, and act. From June 21 2022 to June 21 2023, artists, writers and communities will share observations, stories, reflections and images about their local weather, creating an archipelago of voices and viewpoints. Engaging climate scientists and environmentalists, the World Weather Network brings together diverse world views and different ways of understanding the weather across multiple localities and languages.

Each partner arts agency has chosen a location of significance from where artists and writers can explore the local weather; we call these “weather stations”. They may be specific places, buildings, environments or wider geographic regions. From each weather station, artists and writers create new works in a range of different art forms: these are the “weather reports”. Explore the stations in the Network here.

Challenging Western perspectives on the weather and climate to produce a non-hierarchical, multilingual platform

The visual identity embraces the multilingual and non-hierarchical nature of the project through constantly morphing typography and an ever-shifting homepage which incorporates virtual gravity and movement inspired by the ever changing nature of our weather. Aiming to bring the experience of the weather into digital space through interaction, aesthetics and interfaces.

Visual Identity:
Multilingual logotype & diverse set of weather icons

6 icons in front of a blue background with a white grid. The Middle is a station icon, the bottom right is a sun icon and the rest are variations of cloud icons.
A diverse set of project specific weather icons

Non-Hierarchical Website:
Platforming diverse weather experiences through interaction

A desktop browser showing the world weather network website with a special event icon which is a sun
Special Event Icon


Vijay Patel, 2021

Accessible online performance art portfolio
A person sitting holding a laptop on their lap, the laptop screen shows Vijay Patels website homepage

Empathy Loading, 2020

An online exhibition exploring the intersection of human-machine empathy
alt: A mobile phone sitting on top of a pile of electroics and wires, displayed on the phone is the Empathy Loading moblie site home page.
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