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Arts Catalyst
Accessible and optimistic website & visual identity, inspired by the intersections between art, science and community


Arts Catalyst

#Visual Identity #Website

Optimistic & Accessible Visual Identity
Vibrant, Layered & Moving Website
Immersive Digital Radio Space

How can you capture and convey an ever-evolving, community focused, arts programme through typography, colour and interaction?

Arts Catalyst is a visual arts organisation and charity based in Sheffield, UK. Their vision is to enable people in south Yorkshire and beyond to engage in creative experiences that increase ecological awareness, encourage positive social action and open up new ways of learning about the world. Their mission is to activate people to think differently about the world around them, using art to explore social and environmental issues, provoke debate and test out alternative ways of learning.

Our rebrand and re-designed website aims to foreground accessibility, optimism and the intersections between art and science. The logotype and identity were informed by concepts of catalysation and chemical reactions. Taking both sonic and scientific visualisations as a starting point and giving them an optimistic and joyful twist to evoke feelings of dynamism and movement.

The website also host’s Radio Arts Catalyst. An initiative and platform, exploring radio as a site of encounter; and as a critical space in which to collectively address current social, political and environmental challenges happening on a hyperlocal and planetary scale. Our approach to this section of the website was to make it instantly recognisable a separate, yet connected platform through ‘inverting’ the colours and including a bespoke audio player which allows user to explore this layered and immersive sonic space.

Arts Catalyst Splash Page and Home Page
Arts Catalyst Mobile Site
two desktops with displaying the arts catalyst website, one desktop shows the homepage and the other shows the what's on page
Home page and What's On page for Desktop

Radio Arts Catalyst:
An immersive digital radio space within the Arts Catalyst site

Two desktop on screen both showing the arts catalyst website, one shows the Radio Arts Catalyst Website page and the other shows the selections of broadcasts available to listen to
Radio Arts Catalyst

Social Media Assets:

Instagram Animations
Web Launch Reel

NOVA-X, 2020

A digital and physical exhibition celebrating 10 years of the NOVA awards at Central Saint Martins
alt: Two hands holding up a laptop in front of the night sky, displayed on the laptop is the Nova X website homepage.

Based on a Tree Story, 2022

A sonic augmented reality encounter in Finsbury Park that tells tales of the tree’s past, present and future
alt: Park users scanning a shape hanging from the tree in order to trigger the AR interaction with the sprites
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