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alt: Park users scanning a shape hanging from the tree in order to trigger the AR interaction with the sprites
Based on a Tree Story
A sonic augmented reality encounter in Finsbury Park that tells tales of the tree’s past, present and future

Bones Tan Jones

#Installation #Exhibition #Animation #Interaction #Visual Identity

Visual Identity
An interactive web application
Three 3D ‘sprites’
Park Signage

alt: Park users scanning a shape hanging from the tree in order to trigger the AR interaction with the sprites

Based on a Tree Story (BOATS) was an interactive web app exhibited in Finsbury Park, and was the chosen artwork from the People’s Park Plinth (PPP) vote. You can find out more about our work for PPP here.

We worked closely with artist Bones Tan Jones & Hervisions to produce this interactive fantasy experience centred around the trees of Finsbury Park. The aim of our web application was to encourage park visitors to navigate through the park in unexpected ways, whilst simultaneously listening to the fictional stories of the trees around them. These stories were ‘translated’ and communicated by three mystical AR sprites. These fictional sprite characters offered the user an opportunity to learn about the ecologies of the park through interactive modes of storytelling and walking rituals.

The visual identity took its roots from mystical symbolism - merging and twisting its way into technology computer game-esque aesthetics.

Based on a Tree Story Web App
3 people in a park on a sunny day holding up their phones towards a tree
Based on a Tree Story Opening Event
3 people in front of a sign, using their phones, based on a tree story can be read on the closest persons phone
Based on a Tree Story Opening Event
A pink and purple map of Finsbury park with 3 trees on it, next to trees are icons, one with the Furtherfield, another with a running man and the last with a plant
On the App: Map of Finsbury Park to help users unlock the Tree Sprites
The Dancing Tree Sprites
a group of six people standing in front a Based on a tree story banner on Furthfield Gallery
Team photo at the opening event
Image Credits: Furtherfield Gallery

People's Park Plinth, 2021

Visual identity and spatial experience platforming radical public art
alt: The People's Park Plinth booklet is shown laying on a rock inside Finsbury Park

Human Resources, 2022

An environmentally responsible exhibition provoking the question of what happens when we start to move to inner (human) resources
alt: A large sign hanging from a ceiling, the sign, made in response to the provocation of the project, uses clip art styling and layering of the Human Resources title
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