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A laptop resting on a persons lap, showing the Prospectives website on the laptop screen
Open-access online journal centred around architectural computation


The Bartlett, University College London

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A laptop resting on a persons lap, showing the Prospectives website on the laptop screen

An online journal which is clear and user-friendly in terms of design, and multiplicitous in terms of functionality…

Prospectives is an open-access online journal dedicated to the promotion of innovative historical, theoretical and design research around architectural computation, automation and fabrication technologies published by B–Pro at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

It brings the most exciting and cutting-edge research in this area onto a global stage. It also aims to generate cross-industry and cross-disciplinary dialogue, exchange and debate about the future of computational architectural design and theoretical research, linking academic research with practice and industry.

Prospectives is a multiplicitous platform; how you engage with it is largely up to you. Use the tags to generate your own unique issue or read individual articles. Or you can choose to read an issue selected by guest curators, publish your self-generated issue for other readers to view, or suggest tags to be adopted by authors.

An image of the prospectives website, showing the homepage with a large red, blurred hero image. A second image shows how users use the website to build a original Issue using tags based on themes.
Images an Article within a custom issue, showing a large blue hero image and the articles content in an easily readable format.
Images the prospectives menu overlay showing all the pages within the website, followed by the 'Articles' Page. Showing the many articles that have been written and art hosted on the prospectives website.

Planet Cashless, 2019

Speculative design activity book for children (ages 8+)
alt: Planet Cashless booklets are laying on a table which has been drawn all over by children, around the booklets crayons and stickers can be seen

NOVA-X, 2020

A digital and physical exhibition celebrating 10 years of the NOVA awards at Central Saint Martins
alt: Two hands holding up a laptop in front of the night sky, displayed on the laptop is the Nova X website homepage.
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