Studio Hyte is a London based multidisciplinary design studio who place research and concept above medium. Working between graphic design, interaction and emergent forms of visual communication, we aim to create meaningful and thought provoking work.

Formed of a small group of individual practitioners, Studio Hyte is the middle ground where all of our interests and practices meet. As such our collective practice and research covers a broad spectrum of topics including; language, inclusion & accessibility, egalitarian politics & alternative protest and technology & the human.

With an emphasis on process, we often create critical narratives through our work in order to conceptualise through making. Collectively, our visual practice is a means through which we can plot out a conceptual landscape in order to understand and explore real world scenarios.

Studio Hyte works on self-directed research projects, commissions and client-led briefs for a small pool of like minded organisations and individuals.

Featured In:
Design INDABA 2017
It’s Nice That (iiii Magazine)
It’s Nice That (DAOWO)
Bare Conductive (The Book in the Global Village) Inspofinds Collection 1 (DAOWO)
Dezeen (Toilet Break)
It’s Nice That (Toilet Break)

Graphic Design
Website Design
Website Development
Type Design
Exhibition & Spatial Design
Video & Editing
Image Making

iiii Magazine Booklet — 2020
On The Go — 2016
Empathy Loading — 2020 — 2019
iiii Magazine Scarves — 2020
Empathy Loading — 2020
BEV — 2020 — 2019
TransLocal Cooperation — 2020
Unbound — 2017
iiii Magazine Booklet — 2020
Time Portals — 2019
iiii Magazine — 2020
Planet Cashless — 2020
Snapshots & Screenshots Scarves — 2021
Citizen Sci-fi — 2019
What We Can Do — 2020
Snapshots & Screenshots Scarves — 2021
Furtherfield Website — 2019

26280 hours
14 min 59 sec*

*Of unpublished studio work coming soon,
Love, Studio Hyte